Ideally, it would be easy to always be objective and make rational decisions based on sound information. In reality, emotions and timing often have a big effect. Sometimes the best you can do is try to set the stage so that you minimize the subjective influences. Here are 5 Principles of Home Buying for you to follow, and together we'll get you into the home of your dreams!

1 - Work out the finances first. Find out what you can afford and check out all your various options.  Knowing exactly what you want to spend and can spend will eliminate time spent looking at properties you can't have. Not only that, when you find the right property you can make a "clean" offer without a financing contingency. Sellers are more likely to respond favorably to clean offers.

2 - Unless you really want to own two properties, sell first. Then buy. First of all, the property you want will probably not take a contingency offer. So unless you are prepared to own both (and you have to plan for a worst case scenario) you are wasting your time with the offer.

Second, if you are emotionally attached to what you want to buy you won't be as objective on selling your home. You may take less than it's worth so that you don't lose the other home. There's nothing wrong with that as long as you understand the financial implications.

 3 - Let us help you. In this age of the internet, when buyers have access to the same data we as agents do, this may sound simple. The difference is the ability to interpret that data. We do more than show homes and write contracts. We study market trends and observe area fluctuations. You are thinking about your needs now. But we are thinking about both now and in the future when you are ready to sell again and looking for your future resale opportunities.

In addition, the internet is an increasingly non-objective source of information. Many websites do not display all the properties that are for sale in a given area because of contractual conflicts.

 4 -  Don't get pressured into making a decision. When you find the right home you will know it. That doesn't mean look at 200 homes before you make a decision. Sometimes it's the first home you see. But don't let a seller or a spouse push you into something you don't feel good about.

5 - Decide what is most important in your next home and put it into perspective, whether it's location, price, view, square footage, school district, or amenities.  Remember that some things can be changed. Floors, kitchens, landscaping, etc. are all changeable. So if they are not perfect, they can be. But location, view, amenities, etc. are there forever. Everyone has to make compromises. So decide what truly matters to you and put that at the top of your list. Give in on what doesn't matter as much.

Follow these guidelines, and together we'll get the home you desire and deserve!

Our Clients Say...

Thanks for all your help in getting me into the right house. It was a complicated procedure, but worth the extra time and effort. You were also a grea... -- Serra Yener, Freeville NY